The society of Graverobbers were a ragtag band of scavengers and survivors who came together in the belief that accumulating as much wealth as possible in the form of rare items and oddities would ensure their survival and future.

For a long time they considered themselves a trading organization and would go to great lengths to acquire that specific item any trader they would come across would be looking for, as long as it was made worth their while.

But as time passed it became clear to the group that the people of Chernarus simply weren't wealthy enough to make the trading as profitable as it needed to be, and the Graverobbers took a turn down a darker path.

They started using their reputation as traders to get close to people and would then rob them of everything they owned.

With this new method of “trading at gunpoint” they soon became one of the most well equipped, and feared groups in the country and to this day their name is a common cause for fear and terror amongst the remaining survivors.