SETNA had survived quite a while until no more could they keep on going. The group was crippled by the loss of many members and the attacks of the populace of the country. The surviving members now on the run were faced with a decision, keep trying to be heroes, or strengthen themselves and fight back the treachery of the surrounding territory. On their travels an Italian man, who introduced himself as Vincenzo “The Saint” Tagliano offered them a deal. He would work with them to transform them from harmless doctors into a respected and feared group. Together they would roam the bandit infested countryside of Chernarus. Due to their trust issues, and Vinny’s severe superiority complex the group stopped bringing in troves of new members, and trusting people at the drop of a hat. They decided to call themselves the Remnants, because they were all that was left of SETNA, and they would remain shattered from their losses. Their new mission was to survive, and to keep moving.


  • Escape past conflicts
  • Recruit new trusted members with the long term goal of eventually setting up a "safe zone" for trusted friends and allies.