Balancers of Good and Evil


Alex First started out as a lone survivor. Throughout his time on the lands he soon dug a hole too deep for one person to get out alive. Shortly after realizing this he started thinking of all the people he has met in his travels and decided to find them all and bring the trusted ones to a place and start a group to help balance the land between evil doers and the ones that can’t defend themselves. After sometime planning and a lot of time debating the Judges were born into this land of darkness to bring light into this world. Forged out of darkness the Judges are devoted to removing the darkness from this land, and expose those who fabricate evils in this land. For everyone will have a fair trial before us and we shall bring punishment or mercy to those accused of the evil deed. Justice is impartial, and judges are the hands of justice that will strike down upon these lands, removing evil in even its purest form. The good will walk with ease in these lands and evil will fear our coming. We are the judges and we will cleanse these lands, making them safe once again.



  • Grow in numbers to help patrol the land to help to keep it safe.
  • Run frequent patrols of Chernarus, collecting information about the surrounding areas, and people inhabiting these areas.


  • Survive through this apocalypse and save as many as we can while keeping ourselves alive and doing whatever is necessary for us all to live until help arrives.
  • Get rid of all cannibals and evil-doers.