The Gunts are a bally rip whoring collection of Lords, Nobles and Barons who disastrously crashed their yacht off the coast of Chernarus after a particularly scotch fueled adventure on the high seas.

Finding themselves in this inhospitable environment they quickly learned their days of safari would come in use and took to hunting the local wild life with aplomb. Always remembering to keep away from those god awful bad smelling peasants and helping their less fortunate survivors with food and water. After all charity is key to being fabulously wealthy.


  • To find a house of suitable size and stature to call our safari lodge.
  • To go on safari and make sure those we meet are always with exotic meats and furs.
  • To never let Darwin sail another ship as long as he lives.
  • To champion all things British.
  • To avoid paying taxes on our fabulous wealth.
  • To prove once and for all that Oxford is the superior University, NOT Cambridge.


  • Be polite, there is no need for bad manners.
  • Be courteous, no one likes a rude oaf.
  • Don't have sticky fingers- anyone caught stealing from the Lodge will be trussed up and beaten
  • No Poaching, all wildlife and animals within the boundaries of the safari lodge are for the hunting of the GUNTS only, anyone found to be poaching on our land will be dealt with severely.
  • Don't be hostile, the world is god awful enough without gentleman throwing fisticuffs about the place. Any hostility will be met with both barrels.
  • When approaching the lodge for the first time make yourself bally known... skulking about the place like a bush creature will likely get you mistaken for a peasant and peasants are shoot on sight... blood horrible things are peasants.. so hungry they tried to bite Geoffrey !
  • Do not be an Estonian or have ever been a member of the Labour party... we simply will not deal with Estonians or those lefty types.
  • Be posh.
  • Remind others that we are born to a life of luxury.
  • Be horrendously British.
  • Be very hospitable.
  • Hire a butler.