Who they are

Forsaken group photo

The original Forsaken.

The original Forsaken were ex-patients of the ‘'Chernarus Psychiatric Hospital of Mental Care. The settlement focused on the crazy bandit aspect of the game and the characters were always unstable and unreliable. They could hold you at gunpoint, and a moment after turn on their own men just for the fun of it. Deranged, unstable and dangerous individuals who never were rational.

However, this Forsaken family has mostly died out by now with only a few remaining original members.

The Forsaken remains unstable and often anything but rational. Having developed from mental patients from an asylum into an almost paramilitary organization who follow an eccentric leader. Spreading American and western propaganda with promises of freedom and liberation, they go under the nickname of ‘’The Liberation Army’’, or ‘’Mankind Liberation Front’’. The propaganda, the promises of democracy and a free new world is wide spread and many believe it to be true. Members of The Forsakens armies are expected to follow every order given by the self-proclaimed President and Bandit King Mickey Knox. To fund their war on those who oppose them the settlement taxes those who are under their control with promises of safe passage and stay. The uniform of the army is always black, topped with a red armband for identification. Face-masks can be worn by the soldiers, however the Dallas Mask is only to be worn by the President himself.


  • Continue recruitment of loyal and strong soldiers.
  • Spread the Liberation Army propaganda across the map.
  • Fund further advancements of the Liberation Army through taxation of the survivors.
  • Tax, tax, tax.
  • Establish complete dominance over all of Chernarus
  • Wipe out every settlement or survivor that might oppose our cause
  • Bring democracy and freedom of speech to all the survivors of the apocalypse