The church


Eric Manson and Rain Joseph grew up in a CIA family and were brought up to become agents. They had carried out many covert missions and jobs overseas. They were brought up to become killers, diplomats and warriors. But they were also apart of a Mormon church up in the state of Utah. Eric and Rain were known inside the church to be "Literalists" and took the teachings of Joseph Smith very seriously. One day Rain decided that they needed to form they´re own church, as the others were "unenlightened". He picked Chernaurus, in the green sea because of its isolated and silent location. A handful of people followed them but most of them scattered and died in the chaos during the first days of the crisis.

After a series of encounters with bandits and lunatics Rain and Eric started training their followers to become efficient killers. Now the Church of Mormon has become not only a group of worshipers, but also a group of trained CIA fighters.

What mostly defines the original Mormon Chernaurus settlers is their cold past. After ridding themselves of the raider leader that had pestered them for so long during the start of what would become the "harsh winter", Rain and Eric starting hunting down the remnants of the bandits. It was at this time that the church became a full fletched war clan.

During the winter-wars with the feral raiders, Rain and Eric were gradually changing into something animal-like. From the outside they might seem nice, but what most survivors don't know is that they have a history of kidnapping females in order to continue the bloodline. Which is the most important aspect of survival in their eyes, to produce decent Mormon offspring. Sometimes they would take the bandits wives and sometimes, if they were desperate enough, they would kidnap them from families, friends and communities. But if they could not persuade the women to marry they would usually let them go. However some females came voluntarily. The harsh reality of the circumstance the Mormons church had been living in, made them cold and angry. Some have learned to let go of the past, whereas others still live in it.