The Brass Bears originated as a small shipping company located within the United kingdom at a small port on the outskirts of London. The company was contacted just before the outbreak to deliver two large shipping containers to the coastal town of Elektrogorsk. When the crew arrived they found the docks to be completely deserted. The crew moved into the town and found a lone woman slumped over in middle of the road. When a crew member approached she stood, twisted and vile and stuck her teeth into the crewman's throat. The rest of the crew members bludgeoned the twisted creatures face in with a lug wrench. After that the crew did whatever they could to survive, they began to trade with other survivors and began to realize they could trade to increase their chances of survival.


  • The group's main purpose is to trade, with groups, with lone men or women. They are indiscriminate towards alignments.
  • The groups main goal is to establish trading route's with other settlements that wish to accept the offer.
  • Their secondary goal is to achieve a stable supply of medicine, food and ammunition so that their members can stay fed, hydrated and healthy and so that their products can stay protected and secure.

Founding members

  • Vincent Fox
  • Joseph Savage
  • Norman Cross
  • Melvin Bloom