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Who they are

The Bogeymen live as mountain men, nomadic hunters with a minimum of supplies, living almost entirely upon the bounty of the forests and what can be acquired by immediate scavenging. They are guided deeply by a sense that they are fully protected and provided for by an entity that is essentially the embodiment of the deepest, darkest and most inscrutable elements of the Chernarussian woods; Baba Yaga. Each of the Bogeymen may see her somewhat differently; as a goddess, a succubus, a forest demon, a witch with a real physical presence... but all share the same relationship with her and propitiate her with sacrifices of human flesh. She is the spirit of the cannibal and the "Mother that Does Not Nourish" which has made herself known as a powerful paranormal entity which draws in the minimum needed to survive at the price of complete loyalty and devotion.

Founding members

  • "Mr. Cooper."
  • "Mr. Yorke"
  • "Cherno"
  • "C.J"