After attempting to evacuate, few members of the Red Cross were stranded in Chernarus. As they were unable to leave, Arthur Ward, lead doctor, decided to gather all the of the remaining doctors in Chernarus to come together to try and help treat the remaining inhabitants. As time went on, they decided they needed to come up with a name that people could trust. After many hours of formulating a name, they came up with the name SETNA. And with their new group, they needed a base of operations where all are welcomed. After numerous days of scouting, they happened upon a camp south of Novy Sobor. Waiting a while to see if anybody would turn up, they began to call it "home".

Medic's code

  • You may never harm a human being, even in self defense.
  • You may never steal - unless the source is unoccupied, and even then, think twice.
  • You may never deny somebody medical treatment, even from bandits. Everyone is equal.
  • Avoid high tier weaponry. They attract bandits, and we have no use for them.

Aims and Goals

Our aim is to help any survivor regardless of their affiliation or background. We don't care about the power struggles, as long as there are less human lives lost. We don't carry anything else than the necessary equipment for us to live, and protect against zombies. Rest of our bags and pockets are filled with medical supplies we can sue to save lives of others.

Each SETNA member will be seen wearing a yellow armband.


Mariner: The mariner's job is to collect fish from the ocean and lakes nearby. They're also keen on navigation.

Tracker: The tracker's objective is to roam the forests to collect animals, berries, apples, plants, and people.

Negotiator: The job of the negotiator is to negotiate with people if needed - such as bandits. When they aren't needed, they will help out anywhere they can.

Farmer: The farmers of SETNA will primarily focus on growing and collecting plants. Scavengers will provide them with what they need.

Culinarian: Culinarians will be in charge of keeping members of SETNA well-fed and warm using secret recipes and spices to cook cuisine. They will also be in charge of properly purifying water.

Technician: Technicians are tinkerers and a handyperson. Collecting various parts and materials, they handle vehicle maintenance, radios, weapons, and general gear repair. With a set of tools and some elbow grease, the Technician keeps SETNA ticking.