September 2nd, 2014 - Rify Accident

‘’Here is Dem’yan Popov, we are reporting live from the Rify bay.

This night something very sad and disturbing happened near our beloved costal town, Berezino. Dreams of our citizens were brutally interrupted by a devastating explosion. We already have problems in our country, we really didn’t deserve another one.

Rify Accident

Rify Accident

Chernarus News Company reports live from the scene.

A big cargo ship crashed against the coast, as you can see from the images that we are reporting live at 6.30 am in the morning.

We are at Rify bay, once a peaceful lovely place where to sit back and relax, and during the summer enjoy our wonderful ocean.

Now, as you can see behind me, there is only desolation. Containers are everywhere, the operations to evacuate the area are already in place, military forces were the first ones to arrive here, way before the fire department and the paramedics. They had already secured the area, for what we were able to understand from some witnesses that spoke to us earlier.

One of the medics of the rescue team noticed something that I think is noteworthy, looks like apparently there were no crew members surviving the impact, but even weirder, no dead bodies were found in the area.

The military on the scene refused to leave us with an interview about this.

It is strange indeed that another big accident like this one happened so close to the plane crash on the international hotel in Chernogorsk a couple of days ago.

Dem’yan Popov.

CNC network.

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