There's two kinda' people in this world lad, predators and prey, so, you have to ask yourself, which one are you?
Francis 'Dingo' Sykes
Aliases Dingo
Date of birth 02/03/92
Birth place Kakadu, Northen Territory
Nationality Australian
Height 187cm
Weight 89Kg
Former occupation PHG Guard
Alignment Bandit
Allegiance None
Preferred Weapon Lee Enfield .303


A light traveler, Dingo is often seen wearing an assortment of both military and civillian clothes, usually a blue-checked shirt. He covers his face with a bandanna and occasionaly wears a wide brimmed hat with dog teeth strewn about the brim.


Rash, Abrasive and all-around annoying, he's a typical Aussie. One to smile at you while holding a sawn-off behind his back, he's a snake in the grass, his light hearted humour belaying his intentions and true self.




  • One of the few PHG survivors
  • Convicted Felon