Upon my travels I collected all sorts of gubbins weapons clothes ammunition and food even some miscellaneous items that I...I just don’t have a clue what they are but I had them never the less after a few weeks had past I started to hear of settlements popping up so I figured id try and gain safety in one by offering them my wares most places thought I was trying to trade with them eventually I just went along with it and well I became a trader traveling to camps and cities in the hopes of finding people to trade with after getting myself into a few predicaments I suppose I decided I needed to get some protection, I needed guards. I headed up to Green Mountain an area where I traded quite a lot and knew that there would be willing men to protect me, up there I met two men by the names of Joe Philpis and Brandon Lorina, Brandon and Joe were good men yes they had questionable morals but good men. After being with them for another few weeks or so we met an American fella that went by the name Tex, he spoke of a place called Zion after traveling there with Tex we realized that this place was safe full of kind people but nowhere for the people with what we will call questionable morals to go we decided as a group to head out and set up our own camp for all those that don't follow the standard means of society and preferred this new standard of living.

Before leaving Zion we met a man called Marvin Morow, he seemed like a good man he used to be in a MC we offered for him to come with us as he seemed fed up with hiding who he really was he accepted our offer so we set out to find our new home a haven for all thieves, murderers and well all people that don't fit into other camps using the trading business to fund the upkeep of the settlement and as a front so no one knew the real secret of the settlement...