What happens in Vegas, don't always stay in Vegas..

–-Eddie, after his third divorce.

Edward J. Adams
Uten navn
Calm, collected and professional!


Ed, Eddie, Joseph, Joe, Dallas

Date of Birth


Birth place

Dallas, Texas


United States of America


190 cm.


90 kg.

Former occupation

Bank Robber, Mob Soldier, Womanizer


The 4Kings Gang

Edward J. Adams, born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He is a man with a long back story within the underground of the large city and it's criminal side, although his record has remained spotless. Being 30 years old, he's already seen three wives come and go. Which is something he's not too broken up about, and he commonly refers to all his divorces as ''What happens in Vegas, doesn't always stay there.''.


Having a good heart isn't always a strength to make a criminals job easier, however for Edward it is. He relies heavily on charm and an outgoing attitude to achieve what he wants the most. He will often put you off with kindness and swindle you a moment later.

Though being a criminal, Edward is not a bad person. He's always had a rule against harming women and children, and tries not to take a life unless he has no other choice.


Edward was a bright kid with a good looking future, having good grades and a sharp mind when he left high school to attend college, he quickly learned that there was a much easier and faster way to earn money than to go through a long education to get a job behind a desk somewhere above the ninth floor. Early on he learned that crime paid off, and it usually paid off instantly. Being introduced to the Dallas underground in his twenties, his capabilities of planning out various jobs for the organisation he quickly climbed the ladder. Although under a series of confusing, unforeseen events that was caused by the outcome of a job gone wrong, he was tried assassinated by the organisation he was working for in his late twenties. After escaping certain death with the devils luck, he fled from Dallas and since then he's been performing his duties with a code name.

After working solo for a couple of years, going through some sort of a mid-life crisis, he was approached by a very powerful player that had been doing a good job hiding his identity in the underground life of America. This new party had the ambition of recruiting four of the most talented and loyal criminals and sell swords from around the globe, putting together a highly professional and dangerous group to take on a whole new level of jobs. The main objective: to get filthy rich.


  • Has no children, nor known family.
  • Born and raised in Dallas, Texas.
  • Womanizer, can't resist the urge to try his luck with any girl.
  • He uses charm and less intelligent comments to throw people off his true intentions.
  • Goes under the nickname of ''Eddie''
  • Married and divorced three times.