"He don't speak much"

Aliases Dog
Date of birth Unknown
Birth place Unknown
Nationality Presumed American
Height 196cm
Weight 98Kg
Former occupation Unknown
Allegiance The Forsaken

One of the more unhinged members of the Forsaken, 'Dog', as he was referred to by all members of the forsaken, was a presumably mute man, who, as the name implied, acted as a Dog, often found scurrying around hunched over or playing fetch with a lit flare.


Always clad in the signature black clothing and red armband of the Forsaken, he would always be seen with some form of face coverage. Rumours persist that this was due to some horrificaly disfiguring wound, however it has never been confirmed.


Not much is known about Dog before his enlistment in the Forsaken, apart from that he was presumably a 20-30ish male, American and a regular survivor. At some point during his early career, he expericanced some form of trauma or other mentally de-stablizing event, which lead to him losing his ability to speak, as well as all proper human social functions, leading to the nickname being given to him by Mason Lockwood. As the name implies, he acted rather like a dog, moving around like one, being fed by the other members of the Forsaken, and vicously defending his 'pack'. Tales from terrified survivors told of a man with no feelings under a skull balaclava, who took relish in torturing those deemed 'Communists' by the President and his minions.

Since not much news about the Forsaken leaves into the wider world, it is assumed Dog died in some form of schism between the Grave Robbers and the Forsaken, rumours state that Klim Hernandez was the person to kill the beast.

The Death of Dog aka

The Death of Dog aka. Victor Rodriguez


  • Presumably mute, no record of him speaking exists
  • Deceased
  • Signature weapon was a baseball bat with nails through it.
  • Often played 'fetch' with lit flares