Prison Island 1

There is a place that all Chernarussians knew way too well, a very old structure, built during the old times, when Chernarus was still a part of the Soviet Union.

Since then, the Chernarus Psychiatric Hospital of Mental Care, or Prison Island, as many of citizens ended up calling it, was always a location that put fear and terror into peoples hearts.

A dark island, isolated from the rest of the world, with deadly icy water around, with only one way in and out of it.

People on the coastal towns passing by the lighthouse sometimes could hear creepy sounds and loud screams coming from there.

The face of this building was, as a lot of others in the country, a good one. Taking care of people with mental illness and diseases. But in the end this place was too often used to make people ‘’disappear’’.

Even after the Soviet Union left the country, the Mental facility was still used, and was upgraded to country state prison too.

Urban legends and weird rumors for decades were told by the Chernarussian people, mostly because nobody was ever able to get out of that facility alive. If you ended up there, you were already a dead man walking to his last place on earth.

On the 21st of January 2013, two new figures could be found in the Chernarus Psychiatric Hospital of Mental Care, one taking the lead of the medical part of the structure, Dr. Thomas Halifax, a foreigner from an outside company but very well recommended by the government and put in charge almost immediately. The other was Kirill Zaytsev, already known in the country to be a leader of the Spetsnaz division during the Soviet Union. He arrived with Dr.Halifax and an all new group of guards, called PHAG, Psychiatric Hospital Armed Guards.