Twelve days after the incident with the car accident, there was another encounter with suspicious individuals roaming aimlessly. Three civillians standing in a field outside the military base of Vybor were spotted by a married couple. The group were swinging their arms aimlessly and making strange groaning noises. Upon approaching the strange group, the married couple saw in horror that the "men" were missing parts of their bodies and were behaving like savages.

A group of CDF soldiers stationed at the military base nearby came out of the barracks looking to investigate the situation further. However, as soon as the group of three saw the soldiers they attacked them immediately. The CDF had to choice but to open fire on the three deformed civillians charging them after multiple verbal warnings. A hail of gunfire left them dead on the spot.

The married couple were immediately detained by the military and questioned within the safety of the military base before being let free.

The same day, a firetruck from the Stary Sobor fire department was seen rushing to the Gvozdno petrol station where a fire was started to due a surprise attack from the ChDKZ. Nobody knew the reason behind the attack, or if it had any connection with the ongoing situation at Vybor Military Base.