Sparta (СПАРТА) is a unit composed by the most battle efficient and f*cked up "security contractors" employed by the Žandameria PMC… They have a history of operating in The Second Chechen War and in the The War of Dagestan.They would work for both the Insurgents and the Russian Armed Forces.

Sparta was hired by the Russian goverment to get into chernaurus and dispose of a high ranking UN scientist that was developing a cure for the virus. During the assigment the group captured said scientst and completed the contract… Since then they have realized that they had much more opportunities in the lawless quarantine than they will ever have outside and so they separated (unofficialy) from the Žandameria PMC and started a business of their own... In the Quarantine Zone they take any sorts of employment as long it gains them wealth and easy life, free from political drama and laws...


  • Try to stay neutral to any kind of ongoing conflict in the South Zagorian region of Chernaurus.
  • Accumulate large amounts of Supplies (drugs, alcoholic beverages, ammo, weapons and misc…)
  • Repair the image of Sparta after the incident at St. Josephs Church.
  • Make sure the quarantine zone stays a lawless no-man’s land for personal gain.
  • Hunt down any doctor with reasonable progress into the production of a vaccine.
  • To provide safety and security for any of our members.


A mercenary will...

  • Demand half of all promised payment up front.
  • Notify other mercenaries if a client does not pay.
  • Require the client to spell out exactly what will satisfy the requirements of employment.
  • Fulfill all requirements of employment.
  • Maintain confidentiality concerning who hired him and what he is asked to do.
  • Only work for competing employers after 7 days of a contract’s expiry.

A mercenary will not...

  • Violate any explicitly stated requirements of employment.
  • Violate the confidentiality of his employer including revealing what he was hired to do.
  • Take assignments from his employer’s competitors before 7 days have elapsed.
  • Take any risks or perform any difficult deeds without payment (in money or in kind), unless those deeds bring immediate personal reward to the mercenary.